Matia Robotics is a team of expert inventors and engineers, dedicated to the creation of innovative robotic mobility devices. Since our team first came together in 2006, our goal has always been to develop technology that will help people—specifically people with walking disabilities. We designed the Tek RMD to add more freedom to the lives of individuals with paralysis, allowing them to live in places not designed for them, and to move more independently in the world.

After years of development, planning, and testing, the Tek RMD is our first product to hit the market. We debuted the Tek RMD in 2012, and with the buzz we received from around the world, we decided to take our Tek RMD to the global marketplace. Our goal remains to improve the health, wellness, and sense of independence for as many people as we can reach.

Our History

It all started with our founder, Necati Hacıkadiroğlu, our CEO and inventor of the Tek RMD.

Necati started his robotics research in the Koc University Robotics Community. Since then Necati has worked as an expert on a variety of robotic projects. Necati has over 10 years of experience in the robotics field and holds a number of patents. 

Necati's extensive research in the robotics field, and consultations with rehabilitation centers and spinal paralysis foundations led he and his team to develop the Tek RMD to respond to the exact needs of patients. Necati says the Tek RMD is designed to give paraplegics independence they can't get from a wheelchair.


  • That self-confidence, that ability to be recognized as an adult standing. The mental element of looking eye-to-eye to somebody is a tremendous mental and moral accomplishment.

    Bill Winchester
    Bill Winchester, Reno, NV